Read About Our Quality

Sovereign Agrotech strictly adhere to national and international quality standards like ISO and highest valued certifications from the government authorities and continue to update and upgrade with quality commitments and bureau standards issued by competent authorities. We at Sovereign Agrotech striving to become a admired brand pay meticulous attention to the quality of raw materials, processes we choose and blend them adhering to the best international standards. This stringent policy has been the benchmark for Sovereign Agrotech that has helped us offer the best of refined edible oils Cottonseed, Soyabean and Sunflower.

Sovereign Agrotech is committed in action to deliver satisfying Products & Services . The emphasis is on prevention rather than detection. It is Sovereign Agrotech’s policy to manufacture & market goods, which comply with the customers’ needs and the product designers’ specifications. The quality system is so designed that keeps ensuring the maintenance of the product quality standard through the evaluation, Inspection and verification of processes of all stages of manufacture.

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